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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a first class software development company which has proven its expertise in working with IT and UK and worldwide. Over the past eight years, we have provided hundreds of IT solutions to our partners. Our wide knowledge and IT skills cover all types of digital products, from mobile applications to complex web and mobile integration and custom database. Read more about our expertise on this page,

Commercial Solutions

Software companies are committed to addressing company challenges, be they automation, optimization, internal process rationalization, or reach, attracting and retaining target audiences. Today's technical and hardware capabilities enable IT professionals to create IT tools designed to improve the efficiency and internal efficiency of the company. Here are just a few examples of how software improves your company work:

Manual task automation

One problem with modern software resolution within the enterprise is the daily and time-consuming operation and process automation. Developers help you increase employee productivity by 70% through custom systems, thereby reducing paperwork and eliminating daily reports. The integration of automation systems will also reduce human error and improve the quality of work. Customizing the system does not waste time, but it allows you and your employees to spend energy and time at a really important time.

Workflow optimization

Another way to save time and simplify your company processes is to reconsider your workflow and develop a program which optimizes it to avoid errors and make processes more reliable. Software developers Magora team will help you streamline your workflow to eliminate micro-management, so everyone is aware of their role being alerted and help them remember their responsibilities, thereby eliminating extra work from superiors. As software companies develop custom solutions, learning the program is not difficult and does not require much time for your team.

Custom data management

Developers make your company data more efficient and integrate into the workflow. The idea of ​​customizing the database is not only to better store mission-critical information, but also to better manage and process that data. Developers have enough knowledge to process corporate data and know how to get employees to access data without affecting their security. Customizing the database will allow you to organize and analyze important trends and company performance, identify key customers, create automated reports and do more. IT company define different types of user roles to ensure each user has access to the data needed to perform their tasks. At the same time, the use of Web-based interface data is accessible anytime, anywhere to the user.

Advanced communication

Magora Software developer company is ready to create a personalized online portal for your firm to securely connect all associates with your inhouse and external activities. With a custom intranet portal, you can inform employees and commit to creating better internal communication and making all organizational information available through a single click. In order to strengthen the business relationship with suppliers, suppliers and business partners, you include the extranet portal where the company shares the information needed to reduce the administrative burden and maintain contact with the business relationship. Finally, digital developers build a fascinating customer portal to enhance customer relationships 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a rapid response to your needs.


Smart mobile applications not only enable you to reach your target audience, promote your company brand globally, attract potential customers and loyal customers, but it also offers you several opportunities to enable companies to work anywhere, anytime, anywhere involved in the work of the team. Company can provide native applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, as well as web-based solutions which do not need to be installed, easy to maintain and accessible from any device through a browser.

Bespoke development

Software developers company focuses on customizing solutions based on customer needs and requirements. Among the advantages of custom programming, fully customizable and customizable, scalable architecture, easy to adapt to future challenges, you just need to improve the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise in the ability to deploy new features anytime, anywhere. Custom or customized digital products are designed specifically for your business activities. Business analysts and programmers work with customers to identify their corporate issues and provide customized solutions which meet all business goals needs. Developers uses only validated development methods to choose the most appropriate method for each development case.


One of the frequently used design methods is based on the sequential running of the waterfall development. This process means that it is done before starting another development phase. Developers start writing code that can only bring their ideas to life only after all phases, from concept to design, have been completed. As the stage is completed, the developer can not return to it from the beginning, instead of starting from the beginning, so this method means careful planning and detailed documentation. Those who know the customer's expectations, have a detailed list of software specifications, fixed project budgets and schedules will benefit from this method more.


Compared to the waterfall method, agile methods are relatively new and appear as a response to waterfall deficiencies. The Agile approach is an iterative and incremental design process which includes a weekly or monthly run that entrepreneurs and developers can evaluate project priorities and perform the tests, reconsider functionality, and incorporate the client before the next sprint feedback. This flexible approach takes the work program throughout the file, allowing changes to be made even after initial planning. This method is suitable for companies who do not have a clear picture of the final product and can change the project scope throughout the development process. Developers determine the most appropriate choice when our team will learn more about your project and make sure that it meets all of your business needs and goals.

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Magora development process

We join the team to carry out cooperation in the development of experience sharing, so that you participate in the various stages of the development process to ensure transparency and establish a reliable business relationship.

Design and analysis

The earliest stages of any development process are determining the success or failure of the project to determine the user’s needs. At this early stage, we have gathered and reviewed our team's description of your program requirements and specifications, as well as market research information, competitors, and target audiences. This program provides information about your business needs and audience expectations, allowing us to build what we need.


The UI / UX design allows us to use interactive prototyping to visualize the creativity of the software, thus reducing the gap that can be interpreted after obtaining the specifications of the oral application. Our founders have created a number of user interface layout variations that allow our partners to view and test the software they need and follow the user experience process to define the processes that are appropriate for the client's business. Valuable feedback ensures that customer expectations and high levels of satisfaction are met. In design work, the software experts use a user-centered approach to monitor the user interface so the user must be intuitive. All buttons, navigation maps and workflow steps are designed in the user's way of thinking. In addition, UI designers ensure a pleasant appearance by attracting users, interacting with them and enveloping them. The design also has visual recognition of the company, we will be your brand in the design, from the main screen icon to the animation, logo, font and color mode.


We collect the most capable software developers from the company to provide complex enterprise-class solutions. These people use their knowledge, skills and experience to build the core of their software solution. IT engineers develop a powerful architecture that ensures scalability, greater integration and deployment. Then they created a code that could provide functionality lifecycle programs for senior software developers and beginners. We start by creating an MVP (minimum feasible product) that has a key feature and can demonstrate program performance. Clients evaluate this MVP and give us feedback, according to our ongoing development. IT company has programmers who are well versed in mobile and web technology. If you are interested in the web application of the local mobile application, the team can provide you with development services.

Testing and release

Our software development company has a quality inspection department responsible for the quality of our services and software products. As you use software ideas to get us closer, then they will thoroughly analyze your app project to predict possible pitfalls. This analysis will help our software engineers avoid problems and overcome the challenges of improving the quality of program. QA testers perform continuous app availability, pressure, security, and overall performance testing to inform developers of any bugs they encounter. The consistent work of all members of the company prides us on IT products we deliver

Technical support

As the software went on line, his work did not stop. Developing your business requires updates and updates to the web system. Evolving software helps you develop, and our team will provide technical support here, whether you want to implement minor updates to problematic issues or integrate new features to change your workflow. Our IT experts will be happy to maintain, update and update your software, or provide expert advice on software issues which share our extensive experience.

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We help future-oriented entrepreneurs solve their business problems through first-class IT solutions. For more than eight years, we have earned a reputation as a trusted business partner and efficient software company. We know how to build cost-effective applications to maintain code quality and data security. Share your ideas with real experts from Magora USA to let us implement them in the perfect software for you.