Portfolio cases


Account data

A financial iPad application

Our customer was looking for an efficient mobile tool that could provide investment portfolio managers with any account details during the meeting out of the office. It was planned as a simple mobile solution which could display data in an easy-to-read format. Our task was also to integrate it with existing database and APIs as customer company had their own web system with a number of useful for managers features. Our developers met customer’s expectations and created a fast performing app with intuitive UI and incorporated JSON data. The app lets portfolio managers view their client lists, a portfolio of each client and other mission-critical data.



A mobile app for sales representative

Our customer was interested in equipping his sales representatives with a tool that contains the latest data of their goods to keep sales and marketing documents updated in real time so that clients could always be aware of the company’s offers in all its details. The software solution for iPad helps to increase sales mobilising sales managers and engaging customers. We customised the app to mirror customer company brand, enabled product search by category, item details, name, and number, uploaded all the necessary datasheets and backed it up with custom CMS to manage the content in real time.



An iPad application for business relationship management purposes

The application was developed for a customer who wanted to build healthy relationships with the investors. The app idea was to keep investors informed about the company activity, the latest contracts, the newly launched products, financial quarter and other information that should reach the shareholders of the customer company. It allows PDF reports distribution, news spreading, company’s live stock ticker checking, analytics of the investors' engagement.


Extreme Road

A mobile application with web server backup for gravel roads drivers

Our customer approached the company to build an iPad application which could create and share routes and expedition information for motorcycle and jeeps drivers. Our task was to develop a system that will unite like-minded people and let them communicate, exchange experience and knowledge and help with advice about repairing and maintaining their vehicles. We created a system that consists of client and server sides uniting web and mobile iOS app with a server. The system presents a social networking platform for people who are crazy about extreme driving letting them intercommunicate, express opinions, share event information and do many other things.



A finance management application for iPad app

Our client was interested in the creation of a financial application that will help to deal with the accounting, billing, budgeting, reporting and so forth providing a real-time information of the company even when he couldn’t be present at the office due to business trips and other reasons. We built an app that tracks income, expenses and lets set and monitor budgets, schedule payments and create automated reports. Sync functionality allows users to be aware of the company finance from any device where the app is installed. The app provides monitoring functionality and improves decision-making process increasing the efficiency of the company.



An iPad application with monitoring functionality for set tasks and business goals

Our client is approached us to develop an iPad app for the company staff so that they could have set tasks related to a variety of activities displayed and hence could achieve better control over the situation providing their input. The users have access to the control of the different states of the system according to their business role and internal logic and can interact with the system based on the value they delivered. The app records all the scores via a backend system, process the data, and display back on the user’s interface. In the end, users are invited to record their e-signature to confirm their participation in the designated event.