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Want to create a business app? Ask us how our IT agency specializes in custom app development. Software engineers write programs to solve problems and change the way people run their business.

What we do:

  • provide in-house app development services
  • build solutions with various companies to build software that meets their goals and requirements
  • work as a family: team of skilled and creative IT experts
  • create effective web and mobile apps
  • design an engaging and user-friendly digital solution
  • looking for challenging tasks

Why should you outsource making apps?

There are two options for grow: quantify and qualify. First, the first approach may be enough, but to some extent you can only make qualitative changes and can improve efficiency more quickly. Outsourcing companies offer these very qualitative changes that offer customized IT development services that can be greatly enhanced by internal process optimization, automation, acceleration and better service. Find custom software creation You can think of two main ways: outsourcing and internal development. They have advantages and disadvantages, but creating your own program development department is only meaningful if you have long-term projects and plan to develop your corporate activities.

Pro and Contra of IT Task Outsourcing

Outsourcing has more benefits than internal teams, including:

  • Save time. Finding an experienced IT development agency with a prefabricated team is less time consuming than creating a team and teaching individuals to their business and teamwork standards. An outsourcing firm has established a variety of different projects in different sectors of the development process and years of experience. Your new support team takes time to work effectively. If you need to get into the market faster, it is better to use the services of the outsourcing agency, know what you are doing and know how to work in a better way. In-house team takes a long time to reach the level of outsourcing companies;
  • Make more profit. Outsourcing services seem very expensive, but we compare the total cost of internal and outsourced development. In the case of outsourced development services, you only pay the price - it is the result of delivery. You can access the business only when you need your services custom database integration, mobile and web app development, maintenance services intranet / extranet creation.

When you create own IT development and tech support department in the company, you should keep in mind the workspace and other costs such as equipment, furniture, stationery. In addition, both app developers and other full-time staff of your organization requires regular salaries and employee benefits, including health insurance, sick leave, paid holidays, and so on. In addition, to create a new IT department, you will need a person who can manage effectively, and generally these skilled professionals need a salary consistent with job responsibilities.

Inhouse and offshore development

When outsourcing IT companies, you can stay at home or abroad according to your personal preference. Outsourcing refers to recruiting domestic developers to complete specific tasks. This outsourcing ensures accessibility and improved communication when hiring people living in the same country, using the same language, sharing the same culture and, in most cases, the same time zone. But usually they have higher prices. Although the offshore outsourcing situation is the exact opposite. Outsourcing IT companies to you, you can be close to the firm in another country, sometimes on different continents. Often due to lower development costs, companies count on offshore outsourcing. But the risk of remote reception of remote services to get results that do not meet your requirements. Controlling the development process is more difficult and the misunderstanding is greater. This is not a rule, but this is the risk of which you should be aware. The IT agency develops software solutions which fits all major app development platforms to empower mobile and web devices. Outsourcing apps development to meet the needs of the organization, you can ensure that you get the desired results.

How to delegate software creation?

There is a great idea of ​​the app you are looking for for your implementation. People often outsource freelance developers or IT agency who design custom software solutions. As a heavy investment, you should consider the risk of outsourcing to developers. There are several ways to reduce them.

Determine the results you want to achieve

Before you start outsourcing app developers, you should have a thorough understanding of your thoughts and the results you eventually see. Not having a clear concept, you will not be able to explain the program you want to the software engineer. Therefore, you will not be glad with the final product. Check similar apps and study them. Find out what you like for them, what do you think is unhelpful or irritating? Think about the following questions:

  • Do you want a web or mobile app?
  • If you are on the move, which platform do you want to run?
  • What do you want: login, social networking integration, other?
  • Are you looking for a profit app?

So when you meet a developer and ask for a quote, you must describe your expectations to the development team and the expectations of the developer. When you start working with an outsourced company, the detailed project profile is combined with features and function lists, design layouts and navigation maps, and GUI features.

Choose the appropriate development method

Programmers have two main development methods, working with clients: "Agile" and "Waterfall". Experienced and qualified companies can provide two ways to choose the approach which fits your project the best. The waterfall model means the process of sequence design, starting with the concept, starting, analyzing thoroughly and then designing, coding and testing. This approach needs to be absolutely clear about how your app should be and ensure a good relationship with the outsourcing agency. If you have questions and can not determine what your program is waiting for, the agile process will be best for you. Unlike a waterfall, this means an iterative approach, so the team can respond quickly to changing needs and feedback to ensure the results fully satisfy it.

Establish transparent relationship

When you talk to the representative of the developers about your project's overall budget and schedule, make sure they understand your business and the ideas. Your costs depend directly on the software features. So, taking as the initial stage just the most important functionality will let you save time and money. You can describe how often you will check the results (usually every two weeks) and agree on the price for each new cycle of the creation process, based on the work done in the cycle.

Recognize your IP rights

Having software project file, initializing the app does not mean the end of app construction. Any program needs to be updated regularly to work properly. In addition, you may want to integrate new features and edit your content in the future, so you need to have your software. Trusted companies ensure that you write all the project documents in the contract. In addition to the project file, if you think it is necessary, you can also count on an unlisted agreement.

Effective communication

Once we discuss the profile of your project, a good outsourcing company will be fully involved in this joint project. Your experience and knowledge can help you develop your ideas and improve through expert opinions. Professionals always make recommendations. The company's participation in project discussions help you determine your professional level. Talk to your candidate via Skype or make a phone call and you can learn about the developers you want to hire. Your ability to communicate is one of the most important criteria for successful collaborative projects. Contacting them will be a great opportunity to see how you understand yourself, ask your experience and check how you respond. When you get to work together, make sure you provide timely and clear feedback as important as it is. Your schedule also depends on you. Without your feedback, developers will not be able to move forward.

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Our development team includes iOS, Android and Windows developers as well as experienced web programmers. Our experience includes client and server scripts and includes a good understanding of PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Python, JavaScript, .NET and other technologies. Our team is working hard to learn about the latest trends and innovations with only proven and promising trends. Software engineers write powerful, readable code that not only provides empowering functionality, but also make sures that if you reach out to another team of developers to update the app, it's easy to read the code and use it.

Visualisation and Design: UI / UX

Our creative and talented designers will take into account the elegant look and intuitive nature of your app. The design team features several design layouts and provides a clear navigation map to solicit your comments. If it's a mobile app, we'll make sure that all mobile devices look good and just provide a great user experience. If it's a web app, the design team will create a responsive design that will provide usability and ease of use on any screen if the user is accessing your software from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

QA testing

We think it is better to create a software product that is not a poorly designed product. That's why the firm began to consider the quality of the app before programmers wrote the code. Experienced quality assurance experts have reviewed each of our projects to try to determine their pitfalls and find ways to eliminate them. QA testers fully test app performance, stress-resistance, availability, and security to ensure they meet all coding standards and expectations.

Looking for a reputable development agency?

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