iPhone App Developer: Take Advantage of all the iOS Benefits

Designing applications for iPhone is our main area of ​​expertise. Meets all the strict aesthetic and functional standards of iOS. Since our app design company has developed custom mobile applications for many years, we know how to highlight key aspects of the products that will offer customers the benefit of winning applications.

Our Development Agency

Our software company brings together the most sophisticated and talented iPhone app developers and designers, and offers a functionally dramatically visually stunning software solution for companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs who started their business. Our team of developers ensures that all lines of code and all pixels are of the highest quality and right place. For that reason, we are building a clear, attractive and functional software tool for the mobile phones from which we hope to give employees the power to increase brand awareness.

Apple Developer Program

We are an official member of the Apple Developer Program. As an iOS developer, this membership offers several advantages, such as access to the latest iOS tools and technologies, app analysis and advanced functions of the iPhone. With only having a developer account of the Apple app, you can distribute your iOS program to the App Store without hosting fee and show it to millions of users around the world. With access to the beta version of the operating system, our iOS developers will begin to study their capabilities and abilities before anyone does. With such a foresighted approach, we can follow that trend and consider the prospects and seamlessly incorporate the latest technology from Apple to your custom smartphone app. Therefore, the iPhone software is created using advanced features of the iOS device.

Excellent Development Tools

With access to Apple's leading libraries, frameworks and other technologies, you can create compelling user experiences and incredible features.

Apple Pay

iOS UI app designers can implement a secure, simple and private way of making payments within the iPhone. Touch ID approval optimizes this process, simplifies it and does not require the user's labor.


We can use services that access the content and the data that interests you from any device without any inconvenience without explicit synchronization. Documents, graphics, reports, photos and other files will be available in the latest version.


This tool can not only promote the process of creating social games, but also accelerate. Activate features such as publishing and achievements, adding friends, viewing the game leader and many other players.


With the PassKit framework, app developers can create, access, update and distribute various types of routes in digital representation. Therefore, in the travel industry, retailers can offer coupons that offer special offers and discounts, or royalty / discount / gift cards and other types of stores.

Purchase in the App

Design an effective monetization strategy to allow customers and users of the app to pay for digital products securely within the iPhone program. You can implement premium features, periodic content subscriptions, or virtual items that users can buy.


The MapKit framework allows developers of iPhone applications to embed maps directly in the app view. Place the brand information and points of interest in the coordinates of the selected map and add an overlay.

Data Protection

With built-in encryption, users can save files that are marked as encrypted. A locked device does not allow a potential intruder to access the file and allows access to the app when the user needs a file to unlock the device. If the protection of commercial data on mobile devices is essential, Google app designers can implement this functionality in their applications.


With this API, you can collect and save health and fitness data in iOS and transfer them to the health app with the user's permission. With your health app for iPhone, you can define your calorie consumption goals, create recommendations related to your food and implement many other functions related to health and health.

Only members of the Apple Development Program allow iOS designers to use all functions of the operating system and iPhone device. We maintain a user-centered approach in the creation of large applications.

How do we work?

Design of Applications for iPhone

As a competent iPhone app developer, we can offer you this specialised solution for mobile applications. We customize the software to exactly match the needs of our customers. If you approach us with your sophisticated mobile applications, you will receive an exclusive software tool. Unlike pre-prepared applications, our software precisely executes what you need. Create an bespoke program solution based on current work methods, accelerating employee work, allowing managers to control efficiency automatically.

iPhone App Development Cost

Since we established ourselves in 2010, our developers were producing iOS software. Since then, we have provided a wonderful app that combines high quality and competitive price. Since the price is a product made per order that depends on its characteristics, how much it will cost to build an iPhone app. Like Lego, each app is made up of separate bricks, and together they create a completely new unique structure. In our case, these bricks are the function and design of the app. It can vary from £ 10,000 to millions of pounds depending on the complexity, functionality and other factors of the iPhone software. In our experience, the MVP average expense account (minimum executable program) is £ 30,000 - £ 40,000. You can estimate how much it will cost to visualize the idea of ​​the iOS app.

Professional Approach

Simply writing solid code is not enough to create applications. We can only prove that your app works correctly. When creating an iPhone product to attract customers, we recommend that you try the software and present it to the target audience. We are developers who are familiar with analysis, testing and debugging. We guarantee that your software not only performs the task but also fulfills all your business objectives. Also, starting the app is not the end of the development process. To be successful, you need to continuously improve the program and update and implement new features that add value to the program. However, new improvements must be made based on careful analysis.

Beta Test

It works perfectly and visual software helps you keep your customers. One of the privileges of the Apple Developer Program member is the ability to run a beta test of TestFlight. This option allows you to easily invite up to 2,000 users to test iOS applications before launching them in the Apple Store. You can load a beta compilation from Xcode and allow certain users to try UI, usability and performance with e-mail. Google designers are conducting internal tests to thoroughly examine important aspects such as security, stress tolerance, the ability to load, etc. Our team selects people who match the description of their target audience, test their program, collect comments, make more improvements, make it more intuitive, navigable and free of errors.

Access to Analytics

Another option available for our iOS developers is App Analytics in iTunes Connect. Gather data that can not be found in other places where you can measure user commitment, monetization, marketing campaigns. One of the new features available in App Analytics is the Apple Store Impression, where you can see how many times your users look at their icons in search results, recommendations, main graphics and product pages. On the product page, you can capture the interest of the viewer in your software and identify if it is effective or if you need changes. Analyzing marketing campaigns can help you choose the most effective campaign type and analysis of user engagement provides the count of sessions, the number of holds and the amount of active information on the device. You can use this information to see if you can change some elements of the software to improve participation metrics.

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How to Develop iPhone Applications

We have not developed other software. As our passion has become a profession that we have learned, we will make art. We are reflecting the identity of your business and creating a perfect design that maintains a user-centered approach to create an excellent user experience. Our team is aware of your need to strive to provide not only programs but also tools to achieve your goals. Our experience is based on extensive experience in continuing education, continuous training, skills improvement, small businesses, start-up companies, working with existing companies.


You leave us your idea and we will turn it into the truth. Our collaboration begins with the discussion and roadmap of your iPhone project. Even if it comes to us with a simple idea or an existing app, we will carefully execute monetization strategies and mobile devices and identify the main functions, budgets and time intervals.

User Experience

The user experience is one of the key components that drives the success of the software. The iPhone Retina display and the iOS design tool benefit from all the device's features and provide a deep and sharp design to distinguish iOS applications from other software. With UIkit and Interface Builder, you can customize the design of the user interface to provide a unique but familiar user experience. The developers can also bring the benefits of 3D Touch to applications that design shortcuts that allow you to perform some actions even if the program does not start.


After starting the design, identifying the central function and analyzing all the problems that occurred during the development process, the programmer began to write the code. Using the Objective-C and Swift programming languages, iPhone applications can only be developed with the iOS IDE called Xcode with the help of the library and the Apple framework. Our team of developers has access to all the necessary tools for the development of iPhone applications. His impressive experience exceeds all expectations. By using the latest and most innovative technology, software companies shorten the development period and improve product quality. For example, in the latest version of Xcode, even static code has the ability to track errors and improve them before the test. App Thinning allows you to design applications optimized automatically for Apple Store, but requires less storage space and faster loading.

Launch and Aftercare

As soon as you realize your vision, implement quality control tests and ensure a fast, smooth and engaging user experience, our software design company will manage the shipments. Our developers do not have to worry about the Apple Store not launching their app, in accordance with all iOS guidelines and standards. Generally, it will take up to 10 days to get approval after Apple's review, and after that our team has always been dedicated to you. Our developers are ready to help with any problem related to the development of the iPhone app. Contact technical support and expert advice at any time.

Let's Talk

We love meeting new people, especially if they are proactive entrepreneurs with creative thinking. Tell us the idea of ​​your iPhone project. We will make it work for you.