Beginners Guide: How to Make an Apple Application

Do you want iPhone and iPad apps to be published in the world's leading mobile market, the App Store? Our software development experts will help you to learn the fundamental aspects of the iOS developer tutorial so that you could understand how to make an Apple software.

Start the Development of the iOS App

The official Apple guide, "Start developing apps for iOS", will present the main tools, design policies, frameworks and other technologies you must know to develop apps for iOS tablets and smartphones. The goal set by the Apple guide is to design a fully functional program that you can send to the App Store. Right from the start. Even though he is an absolute novice in the world of Internet technology, Apple has done a wonderful job of describing complex tools that can be easily understood with simple words. Avoiding complicated terms and making it simple and powerful by grasping the user and providing information about app development that is easy to digest.

Understand the Basic Concepts of iOS Development

This guide explains how nice it is to make iOS apps and how much you can benefit in the long term. But for new mobile development developers it can be hard to start, so Apple's approach is to provide a path to the program. For the iOS app to be compatible with iPad and iPhone, it is necessary to have a Mac computer. Our software development experts read Apple's guide on important concepts and more efficient practices, present iOS development tools and help developers to learn about the general development process of iOS, develop I am an aspirant. Learn how to make apps with our IT experts.

Creation Stages of the iOS Application

The main iOS development tools you must learn to use are the integrated development environment of Xcode and the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit). In addition, developers must learn the basics of the programming languages ​​of iOS Objective-C and Swift and investigate the Cocoa Touch framework. Once you know how to use these tools, create a simple iOS program so you can test it with your device. And finally, continue with the final step, presenting the App Store. The Apple Developer's Guide can be used by anyone who wants to learn the design of iOS on the official website of the Apple Developer Program. However, to publish the application on the App Store, you must register an authorized iOS developer account at $ 99 / year.

Learn how to Make Apple Apps

To develop a simple application, no special skills are needed. Even those who are not programmers can teach you how to create iOS apps by viewing articles about tutorial videos and software development. You've probably found an article about eight-year-olds who developed the app and became famous. If a child can achieve it, without a doubt, everyone can achieve the project. To create an iOS application, you will learn recipes like cooking. It tells me the basic steps to cook your programm, but to understand what is the style of the kitchen. Enjoy a step-by-step recipe to prepare your iOS app!

Find Application Ideas

Do you have any creative ideas for the next successful application? As you know, there are millions of apps in the App Store. How can I make this program unique? Why do users want to install on smartphones? Why do you spend money on programs and purchases in the project according to your selected monetization strategy? When you have an idea, make sure there are no apps that serve exactly the same purpose. If there is such an app, think about what can offer better products than the products of the competition. Use prototyping tools, draw ideas on paper or draw wireframes.

Do you have a Mac Computer on Hand?

iPhone is an Apple smartphone and you can create apps for devices only if you are using software that runs on Mac OS. Of course, there are many Mac OS simulators on the Internet, but if you want to create high quality apps, it will not be a solution to the problem. If you do not have a Mac, buy one of the cheaper models, Mac mini, or borrow an Apple computer from your friend.

Register an Apple Developer Account

To access the official iOS development tools, please request the Apple Developer program. This process is very simple. Enter your Apple ID and accept the terms of use. Subscribe to the full Apple developer membership that will allow you to access limited free features or publish an annual $ 99 application to the App Store. Once the account is registered, I am an Apple developer who can create my own program and make it available to the public.

Download iOS SDK

Official iOS developers can download software development kits from the official Apple site. The version of the SDK depends on the version of iOS that you develop. Due to the rich documentation, sample code and various other functions to use the size of the SDK during the development process, downloading can take time. Open your book or place a good movie and start the download.

Install Xcode

If you do not have the version of Xcode installed on your Mac, download it from the Apple website. Xcode is an integrated development environment with a graphical interface that allows iOS developers to edit the source code using MacOS, iOS, WatchOS, tvOS, huge functions, graphical functions and other tools. This download is quite large, please be patient.

Learn Objective-C Using the SDK Template

Once you have planned the structure of your application with paper or prototyping tool, start designing with one of the templates available in the SDK. There are many templates. There are many tutorial videos and blog posts on how to use them effectively. The next step is to learn the Objective-C programming language. Without previous programming experience, it can be quite difficult to learn Objective-C from scratch, so look for someone familiar with iOS development or hire specialized developers. Another good idea is to obtain the Objective-C manual. There are many great books on topics.

Encode your Application

If the basic Objective - C concepts are clear and the answers to the coding questions have resources that are close to you, you can proceed to the actual programming. Useful tips: it is useful to take a screenshot when coding a program to memorize what you have already tried. The coding can take from several hours to several months depending on the complexity of the project. Do not rush to decide on the characteristics of the application, make the right choice.

Test your Application and Send it to the App Store

iPhone Simulator is included with iOS SDK. You can also use the Apple ID to test the program on a personal device. Test the app strictly to eliminate as many errors as possible and imagine how real users reproduce their activities with the application. It's time to publish your program now. To be shown to iPhone users in the app store, you must register a paid developer account. As already mentioned, it costs $ 99 / year, so make sure you save money. However, do not worry if you create an application that is attractive and easy to use, you will get results quickly. These $ 99 are definitely worth it. One of them is to get access to state-of-the-art development tools and the opportunity to publish programs in the most attractive mobile device market, the App Store.

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Apple Professional How Much does Development Cost?

The cost of hiring developers to outsource the Apple application project is another issue that our customers are very concerned about. A single developer can not teach the exact costs depending on the complexity of the mobile application, its design, functionality, developer experience and if it is ready to begin development. The main price factors that determine the cost of the Apple application development project are:

Project Scale

The focus of the development process is when a new home is designed. People who just graduated from Uni and have just started living alone probably have a limited budget. The architect proposes a basic solution prepared with a simple design. You can make tools and materials quickly. But if you have significant savings in your life that are well established and have saved your life to build the house of your dreams, the architect chooses a different approach. Then, the requirements and hope. The architects build the house that adapts perfectly to the vision of the house of their dreams, although it does not cost so much with the best materials, cutting-edge tools and the latest technology.

How the Developer Works

Or imagine yourself as a novelist. When you start a new book, I put a blank sheet of paper in front of a computer or typewriter and I hope the inspiration comes. The developers and novelists of Apple apps are very similar. The first day of the work of the author of the next book, the writer will be empty and begin with a blank page. Same as the developer: all elements of the Apple application are lines of code that developers must write. As a result, developers spend hours making code as book authors. And it takes a lot of time and effort to write a bestselling novel.

Build an MVP

If the financial capacity is limited, you must concentrate on one of the key features to reduce costs and simplify development. Make sure that developers implement open source code that is available to the public and that they are ready to use some ready-to-use design templates. Open source code can be found in several repositories of code on the Internet. What you get is a digital product similar to MVP. Examine the idea, continue implementing new features, expand the existing functionality, expand the project, if the Apple application is clicked with your client.

Hire iOS Developer

Programmers and experienced designers will develop apps that will respond to the needs of your business, increase conversion rates and expand the customer base. Do not hesitate to contact us so that startup ideas, excellent mobile apps or corporate software systems are vivid. We can consult about the mobile development problems you have, contribute professional skills to the project and create the application of your dreams.