Create an app: Move your business to a new level

Depending on your needs, the idea of ​​creating a mobile app may be anyways. Any area of ​​activity has its own problems, and IT software can find an effective solution to your business. The smartphone software allows you to establish a strong relationship with your customers, provide relevant information to your customers, increase traffic and increase sales. In other words, the software of your cell phone helps to outperform all competitors in the market. This is especially useful in diversifying your business portfolio.

iOS, Android and other platforms

To design a powerful mobile software, you do not need to participate in an app programming course or have coding skills. Today, anyone has access to multiple opportunities for application development. You can either choose to hire a software development company or use a dedicated tool to create your own app.

Become an app developer

With more than 500 million iPhones and over 80% of Android smartphones, developing applications on both platforms will give you the opportunity to reach most smartphone users. It is not necessary to hire a professional developer - you can become an application programmer yourself. You may do this without touching a line of code. There are a variety of free and easy-to-use software builders that may help you create your own applications. Often, the development process in this DIY application building platform is very simple and provides a video tutorial that facilitates understanding of how the app's creator works.

Step 1: Select the type of your app

Starting a business, you will focus on creating, distributing, and promoting the following priorities for your core products. You step by step to develop and discover that it limits your development. You need to have a clear understanding of what your software should solve. Can your customers see it? Can your customers communicate with you? Does your customer know your promotion? Create a plan to define what you should have and determine your basic functionality. Keep in mind that mobile applications are a tool designed to boost your business and help you increase productivity.

Step 2: Pick the design

Often, apply the production platform to suggest some models. They provide various ideas for icon layouts, including themes and possible elemental arrangements. Here you can choose the icon of your software, the background, upload images, the normative size of the text, that is, you are an artist at this time as much as possible to make your creation as user-friendly as possible.

Step 3: Customize

This IT solution promotes your brand. You need to provide information about your company, describe it, tell your story, provide contact information, provide links to your Facebook page and your Twitter account. Your mission is to let your potential customers know you and believe in you. Make sure your information is correct. In addition, you can add other features to your special needs, for example:

  • Booking
  • Shopping cart
  • Mobile coupons and loyalty programs
  • Push notifications and so on

Step 4: Share

Once you complete your request, you may share it with your colleagues and friends. Some application makers may also publish to iTunes and Google Play. This process requires some effort and extra cost.

Pros and cons of DIY sites

Well designed applications are your viral branded ads that may target audiences around the world. So your customers have the opportunity to simplify their lives through smartphones or tablets, while you can enhance relationships with them and increase their loyalty. More and more DIY app creators provide the company with a simple way to create applications. But any choice has its advantages and disadvantages.

DIY: low-cost application development advantages

Create an intuitive and easy way to publish an app. Easy-to-use websites often have different types of tutorials, including video and technical support, to ensure anyone can handle creating applications. Usually, the use of the website for creating applications to create mobile software is free or it is much cheaper to hire than a software development company.

You only need 20 minutes. If you have a clear idea of what you want to create it will not take long to finish. If you need to reach the market as quickly as possible, the DIY website will be perfect.

Disadvantages of App Builder software

Nothing special that can hardly create influential or highly available applications. You will probably have some things straight.

  • Monthly maintenance fee payment. In most cases, you will have to pay an additional fee to send your new application to the store and keep your program posted by subscription. In addition, for additional functionality, if there is no in-app advertising, the subsequent editing or deletion of the program builder's website branding requires monthly payment.
  • Limited functionality. One of the main drawbacks of building websites and applications with DIY is they provide a limited number of possible features. It's possible that you may not find some specific features to integrate with the program so that these applications do not meet all the needs of your business.
  • Low quality. You can not guarantee this will work. You pay maintenance costs every month with little or no results because this app does not have enough quality to handle all the devices your customers may use. It may not be able to respond or even completely unable to work on some devices, the interface may not be suitable to some smart phones, it does not allow users to use all the features of the app.

Hire one of the companies which creates apps

Another way to create a business program is to hire a professional team who will listen to your ideas and tailor a software solution to your problem. But the important factor is finding the right partner, who is worth spending the money on building the product. The right partner not only develops the app you want, but also helps make it better and more useful.

How to Hire a Software Development agency

You should consider looking for the right developer to design an efficient business app to meet the needs of your company. There are five tips to help you.

  • Look at the company's previous projects.

Any respected development agency has a website which contains a portfolio that describes your previous development case. If the company you are considering has already developed a program for your industry, then the great thing is. This means that this company has experience in this area, may not only guide you to complete the development process, but also increase creative input. If they work with similar programs, they know what's valid and what's not in the app store. The right agency is interested in your business, not just in development.

  • Do you like your previous programs?

A good developer should be good at UI / UX design. Your programs should be attractive and the user must have a clear understanding of how they work. If you think the user interface is beautiful, and the program itself is user friendly, then the agency may also provide something similar. Why is it so important? How user interaction with the app is an important part of app productivity.

  • Check clients’ testimonials

Before you try, you will never know how to work with the development company. But there is a way out, you can observe the customer comments. Not every business customer will reveal your contact information, but some people will not bother writing a comment on your agency page or Google+.

  • Contact agency representative

Not only may you create an app to fit the demands of your business, but it can also create relationships with your development company. Creating programs is not a one-time event. This is a long process and it requires you to communicate with the developer. Find someone who will contact you during the development process, find out product feedback, and once the program is hosted, you will not be leaving you.

  • The price of app development is high, which is a fact that you must accept.

Do not choose the company because it is the cheapest. You need to prioritize quality assurance companies. Keep in mind this through a good monetization policy, your program will be rewarded within a year, and ever since, you will begin to generate revenue. In the long run, it's more cost-effective than building programs on DIY app sites or creating poorly designed programs at low prices. And you do not have to pay every month because it's yours.

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Advantages and disadvantages of working with software development companies

When you are looking for a professional team which has access to life-creation programs, we discuss important things. Let us remember the importance of recruiting a development agency.

The advantages and disadvantages of recruiting full-time developers:

Bought in.

When you hire a full-time developer, you receive a guarantee that you will not create an app of a poor quality. Developers put time and energy into their thoughts and they are interested in positive results. They create unique tailored things to help you stand out from your competitors. Also, even after the release, they still maintain their app.


The development agency is made up of people who constantly communicate with you, asking for your comments and feedback, making improvements based on your ideas and making your own ideas. When you're working with a developer, you have no limits. They may reach any of your favorite features and cater to all your business needs and preferences.

Return on investment.

Any business owner, a development agency, is worried about their investment. When you apply for an UI design, you are interested in making a good investment. This works with any professional development company. It is always advisable to use the app to monetize the path.

Delayed Process.

Unlike the app builder discussed above, developing custom IT products takes longer. First of all, it may even be difficult to find the right app programmer. The process of creating custom software involves planning, designing, multi-cycle testing and the applicant for app designers, programmers, testers, managers and quality assurance specialists.

The cost of developing.

The cost of developing IT products seems to be high. Not all are accessible, especially if you are a start-up. But this investment is worth it, just remember as an example of Uber.

Create an app with our company

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