Bar and Nightclub Mobile Apps

Our company was founded to bring to life the most challenging ideas related to iPad app development. That is why we have gathered smart and skilled software engineers to create bespoke, unique, and highly-performing iOS apps for businesses. With the main office in London, we provide small and big businesses from all over the world with innovative software solutions for iPads, bringing technologies to the everyday life.
Have you noticed what all your customers are doing in your bar or nightclub, when they’re not drinking? They’re using their smart phones. Today’s fun loving men and women can even text while they dance. That’s the evolution of multi-tasking. If your bar or club doesn’t have an app, then you’re missing out on the best way to reach your target audience.
Young people don’t look at billboards, they’re too busy looking at their phone screens. You can’t reach them with a flyer, but you can certainly reach them with a mobile app that’s as fun and funky as the interior of your establishment.
There’s so many things that you could use your bar or nightclub mobile app for. You can promote special nights and forthcoming events, or provide money saving coupon deals that they can access with a tap of the screen. The app can be used to reward their loyalty, by automatically giving them a free drink ‘coupon’ once they’ve bought a pre-specified amount of drinks.
Your mobile app is tapping into the two things your potential clientèle love the most: free offers, and entertaining apps. It will be tailored to match the style and design of your bar or nightclub. We don’t do standard and boring, we do bespoke and brilliant. When your club or bar has its own mobile app, you’ll have found the most cost effective way of reaching out to young people with disposable incomes. You’ll also build up an exciting brand and encourage customer loyalty. When your customers can find your latest news within seconds by tapping their smart phone, you’ll have a real competitive edge over your rivals.
Contact us today for more information. We can even provide a free mock-up to show you how fantastic your nightclub or bar mobile app could look. We’ll help your business grow, and put you streets ahead of bars and nightclubs who haven’t realised the advantages a mobile app can bring.