Bands, DJs and Musicians Mobile Apps

What are the two most important factors to become a successful band, DJ or musician? Great talent and a loyal fanbase. We can’t help you with the first, but our mobile app will certainly help you with the second.
The fact is that it doesn’t matter how fantastic your music sounds, if there’s nobody to listen to it then you may as well be banging tins together in your bedroom. Young people today love to listen to music on their smart phone, so having your own mobile app is the perfect way to reach your potential fans.
Your fans won’t have to search the internet to find out your latest news, they can simply bring up a dedicated mobile app by tapping a button. By keeping the content fresh and exciting, you’ll increase fan loyalty and build a following.
There are so many great ways that a mobile app can help musicians, singers, bands and DJs. You can have your music and videos on the app, along with direct links so that fans can purchase your songs from Amazon and iTunes. Your mobile app can feature a camera gallery, so fans can share images of themselves at your concerts. You can send fans details of new releases and give them behind the scenes access and special offers that are exclusive to the mobile app.
Smart phone apps and exclusive offers. They’re the two things that young people love most. When you combine them both, you’ve got an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Don’t waste money on posters and flyers. They’re naturally drawn to bins. Mobile apps are there permanently, and your target audience loves to interact with them on a daily basis.
Our mobile apps look as good as your music sounds, and they’re a great way to create a buzz for your sounds. You might even find your music and videos going viral around the globe. We make the future of advertising available to you today, and the benefits can be amazing. Contact us to find out more.