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Being the leading Apple developer of iOS applications, our company provides the most qualified services to businesses large and small. Development and design are our passion - we love working and being a champion in what we do.

Special iOS Development

Our iOS experts provide fully coordinated software solutions for Apple products, including iPhone, Mac, iPad, and other devices. We know how to take benefits of the latest technology for the gadget I need. With good skills, iOS developers visualize customer ideas and use them. Our experience allows us to integrate infinite functions in IT solutions that satisfy the most demanding requirements and satisfy the most intense business needs. We know how to create a unique app with the authority to manage complex data, automate tedious processes, streamline workflows, attract and retain potential customers. The company creates software solutions that are perfectly integrated into the customer's work processes customized for the exact needs.

Empower Employees with iOS Applications

Optimize all processes with iOS mobile applications adapted to existing workflows. You are looking for efficient utility applications that perform specific tasks and solve specific problems, such as custom calculators, such as price calculators for service and remote control tools, or to improve efficiency. If productivity software is required for iPads More sophisticated work with capabilities such as note acquisition, cloud storage function, etc. - iOS developers and expert designers improve business innovation and employee productivity. I will support you. We have extensive experience in developing enterprise-level applications that help clients manage their businesses and provide means of collaboration and internal and external dialogue.

Promote Brands Around the World

In iOS applications, you can not only optimize your business but also deliver it to viewers around the world. IOS designers can increase brand awareness, increase awareness in the mobile market and implement brand identity within programs. We will integrate the visual collection of products and services, promote sales and promotion, incorporate social networking features, allowing users to communicate with each other, share news and offers, share photos and reviews You can upload it The existence of mobile devices makes it more accessible for mass audiences and forms a more stable relationship between customers and companies with the help of subscriptions and automatic notifications. Availability 24 hours a day 365 will inevitably improve business productivity and increase sales. I know how to create applications that users put on the home screen. If necessary, contact us.

Members of the Apple Developer Program

Participation in Apple's developer program is a passport for the development of professional iOS software. Our team is a member of this program and there is an infinite way to access and use all the functions of the software and hardware of Apple devices. As a certified developer, we use the technology and the iOS operating system to provide a unique and feature-rich user experience in a simple and easy-to-use design to ensure smooth communication between people and smart devices. Other benefits of the membership include:

Global Reach

Apple developers, iOS designers and companies can distribute to billions of customers that attract users around the world through the App Store. IOS developers who are members of the program will be able to publish their products in the only place where users can find additional software for their App Store. After the submission and review process, millions of customers around the world can discover and download applications. Our team can comply with all Apple restrictions and iOS host applications without additional charges.

Access to the Latest Beta Version

It is known that Apple users quickly adopt the latest software versions. Therefore, it is essential to integrate all the latest functions and work with the new Apple software. Because he is a certified iOS developer, he can access the latest beta version of Apple, prepare with state-of-the-art technology, respond to the rapid adoption rate of users and progress in the operating system and Apple's operating system. We guarantee a perfect integration.

Integration of the Progressive Function

The development of native software for the iOS platform using Apple SDK allows developers to incorporate native features and integrate the operating system and hardware of the device (such as Apple Pay, iCloud, iMessage, Siri), accelerometers, phones, cameras, Active Audio , etc. In addition, professional iOS developers can set the rights to services, such as push notifications and Touch ID.

Certified developers know how to provide a native look, attract user experiences and ensure great functionality to integrate applications with the latest software possibilities. I will.

TestFlight Beta Test

TestFlight simplifies the process and comments to invite users to try the iOS environment before launching the app to the App Store. It is much easier to share the beta version (preliminary version of the program) with an external tester with an email address by providing test opportunities to Apple developers, iOS user interface designers and quality control experts. . The developer simply loads the beta version of the app and adds the name and email address of the desired tester that represents the target audience through iTunes Connect so that as soon as the tester installs the TestFlight app, you can The programmers that are Members of the development program can not only test the software with internal testers but also send invitations to up to 2,000 external users to ensure thorough and exhaustive testing.

Complete Monitoring

App Analytics in iTunes Connect provides data about published applications that can show the pros and cons of client software. Membership in the development program provides IT experts the ability to measure mission-critical data, allowing for greater evolution and prospect renewal. Analytics collects information related to user commitment, marketing and monetization, presenting it in a visually persuasive graphic format, which allows non-technical people to understand current trends. For example, developers can touch search ads to access and analyze where the program user came from, whether they are browsing the AppStore or not. Organic marketing channels will promote traffic and program revenues. App Analytics shows these statistics in iOS applications and many other useful statistics.

Compilation Software for all Apple Devices

When approaching a professional iOS developer, you can be sure that our experience is deep enough to create mobile or desktop solutions for Apple devices. Even if you need to create custom software for Mac, even if you need to create a mobile program with native functions of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watches, you can use Apple's Xcode IDE to create numerous accesses to all device features through the native framework and we developed a library with the help of Swift and the Objective-C programming language.

Software Development for iPhone

The mobile software solution for the iPhone is evolving greatly since the first generation iPhone was launched. Today's developers have extensive access to device features in future APIs and services such as CallKit, SiriKit, CloudKit, HealthKit, NotificationCenter, other frameworks and services that offer unprecedented attractive features. The iOS designer knows how to organize all the elements in an intuitive and easy-to-use way, customize the design of the user interface to adapt to all variations of the iPhone's screen and make it look the same in all devices. Let's change Apple's smartphone to a marketing tool and a remote office aimed at customers and employees in constant motion.

iPad App

iPads offers a totally new experience with the huge Retina Display, Multi-Touch technology and incredible graphics and CPU performance. Our team helps to use the screen space of the tablet without grouping visual elements. With the launch of the iOS 9 or later operating system, Apple has introduced multi-tasking slimming technology and tablet app. With sliding mode, split view and image in image, you can run programs in background mode, share screens with other programs, improve user productivity and access the information of all the necessary programs I will do it. App Thinning technology allows developers to optimize programs for the store and specific devices, streamline the load and reduce the storage space required.

Apple Watch App

The popularity of smartwatch will be growing as the function evolves. Competent developers are already familiar with watchOS and know how to provide users with immediate and easily accessible applications that complement other iOS solutions. We can benefit from its performance and navigation model and improve the user experience. Developers use the new watchOS function to teach applications to update information in the background and guarantee a quick start time and quick access to information in real time. Even if you need to create a complementary program of fitness applications, we will help you provide users with an improved experience, even if you need to create rich and animated solutions using the new media tools.

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App Store Review Rules

With the growing popularity of mobile applications, the App Store became a vast and vibrant mobile ecosystem with millions of digital products and billions of users. However, Apple is known as a strict critic that deals with the products that are offered to users. As a result, it is imperative that software solutions make sure they comply with your guidelines. Our developers will be confident that when they introduce and launch mobile solutions in Apple's app store, they will cut their teeth and give them the confidence to proceed quickly with the review process when the value and the principle of the Apple store are consistent.

  • Our job is to make sure that users have a safe experience. Apple will not be afraid of finding objectionable content or offensive content to ensure that nothing is included in your app and that it does not harm your user's device.
  • Software engineers also pay attention to the performance of applications that send the final version containing all the necessary metadata. QA experts will check errors and stability on multiple devices before sending them to the user and the programmer will send them to the store only if the quality is true. The tester can eliminate obvious technological problems, block them and send them smoothly to the store.
  • The commercial part of the program is also important. To eliminate the possibility of judges being rejected, the Google team clearly supports monetisation of the program.
  • UI designers prioritize simple, elegant, innovative and easy-to-use products for UI experts with regard to interface design, as users focus and focus on Apple reviewers.
  • Finally, it is always about complying with the law and legal requirements. We guarantee that iOS applications comply with all local laws and do not encourage reckless acts or misconduct.
  • We take your idea and convert it into a working iOS app that complies with all the Apple guidelines and standards.