Who we are

Our company was founded to bring to life the most challenging ideas related to iPad app development. That is why we have gathered smart and skilled software engineers to create bespoke, unique, and highly-performing iOS apps for businesses. With the main office in London, we provide small and big businesses from all over the world with innovative software solutions for iPads, bringing technologies to the everyday life.

What we do

It doesn’t matter if your app idea presents a simple brochure app or complex program because we can deal with any level of complexity presenting first-class results. We take your brief idea and help you to analyse it from the business point of view, verify it, create a design and write code, submit to the app store when it becomes a working app and help you maintain it if you need our assistance. We get your business inside and strive to understand your business needs to deliver a solution that meets your requirements and exceeds the expectation. We utilise our years of experience in different industry verticals adding valuable input in every development case we have increasing your chances to succeed with the application launch.

What moves us forward

We believe that interaction with mobile devices should make a difference and generate an emotional connection that is why we strive to bring intuitive and simple-to-use applications with a robust functional core. For today, we have hundred delivered projects which help our customers to achieve their business goals whether it is customer relationship enhancement or efficiency boost. We work in collaboration with each other and with our customers drawing on integrity, transparency, professionalism and excellence.