Web Development and Design

Web Development Application offer all classified solutions for any type of business looking to reap the benefits of a successful online market. Developed with search engines in mind, our classified website development package is ideal for different nature of businesses, whether it is a real estate listing or an online classified for health industry, our website package provides you with the ideal solution. Designed on a highly customizable platform, our general classified website package is capable of being adapted to compliment any type of interface or brand identity. Our classified solutions provide web-based, PHP and MYSQL scripts which can be used to run any online classified business like real estate, classified advertisements, classified ads, dating, employment and jobs. Our online PHP classifieds solution is a fully scalable and ready PHP MySQL classifieds script. Our script provides the capability of running all type of classified advertisement, such as real estate, gaming, dating, event, health, social networking, hospitality, education, and many more.

Our Classified solution includes the following features

Administration module (secure and protected)
Listing (Advertisements)
Site configuration

Public website

Nice- and W3C- compliant design
Search engine-friendly design
Category listing on left
E-mail address spam protection
Subcategory listing is on the left as well as on the main page when the category is selected. In the middle section, the first five advertisements in the subgroup are displayed. There is also an ad count in the subgroups section
Search option: (basic, advanced or category). This search box will remain on all pages except on the advertisement detail page
Advertisement listing
Interaction (User and advertisement)
“Contact Us” page
“FAQs” (Frequently asked questions) page
Help pages
Site map
About the site

Bands, DJs and Musicians Mobile Apps

What are the two most important factors to become a successful band, DJ or musician? Great talent and a loyal fanbase. We can’t help you with the first, but our mobile app will certainly help you with the second.

The fact is that it doesn’t matter how fantastic your music sounds, if there’s nobody to listen to it then you may as well be banging tins together in your bedroom. Young people today love to listen to music on their smart phone, so having your own mobile app is the perfect way to reach your potential fans.

Your fans won’t have to search the internet to find out your latest news, they can simply bring up a dedicated mobile app by tapping a button. By keeping the content fresh and exciting, you’ll increase fan loyalty and build a following.

There are so many great ways that a mobile app can help musicians, singers, bands and DJs. You can have your music and videos on the app, along with direct links so that fans can purchase your songs from Amazon and iTunes. Your mobile app can feature a camera gallery, so fans can share images of themselves at your concerts. You can send fans details of new releases and give them behind the scenes access and special offers that are exclusive to the mobile app.

Smart phone apps and exclusive offers. They’re the two things that young people love most. When you combine them both, you’ve got an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Don’t waste money on posters and flyers. They’re naturally drawn to bins. Mobile apps are there permanently, and your target audience loves to interact with them on a daily basis.

Our mobile apps look as good as your music sounds, and they’re a great way to create a buzz for your sounds. You might even find your music and videos going viral around the globe. We make the future of advertising available to you today, and the benefits can be amazing. Contact us to find out more.

Health and Fitness Gym Mobile Apps

Your fitness gym is helping people improve their physical health. Our fitness gym mobile app solution can improve your financial health. Have you noticed how your customers love innovation? When you get a new piece of gym equipment, they can’t wait to try it out. Those same customers will love to use your new mobile app. To them it will seem that they’re simply using a fun and enjoyable mobile app, but really they’re learning all about your gym and the services you offer.

Your mobile app can feature anything you want, but here are some fantastic ideas from our app design gurus. Have blogs containing articles about health, diet and fitness. Your customers could record their daily work out and then post it directly onto social media sites. Before you know it, your fitness gym could be going viral.

People love to listen to music while they work out. Now they can listen to it directly from your mobile app, with carefully tailored motivational music. You’re all too aware that one of the main challenges a gym faces is customer attrition. They sign up for an initial period, and then stop coming and don’t renew their subscription. Your mobile app can send friendly reminders encouraging people to attend, and point out the benefits to their health and well being.

There are lots of gyms out there. You need a truly unique selling point. Which gym is the average keep fit enthusiast going to choose: a dull, traditional, run-of-the-mill gym, or one that has a fun and exciting app that keeps them up to date with all the latest fitness news and tips? There’s one muscle that people like to exercise more than any other. We call it the tapping finger muscle. Thanks to our great fitness gym mobile app, a session on the smart phone can lead directly to a session in your gym or fitness club. It’s perfect for slimming clubs as well. Motivation, entertainment and information all in one mobile app. Now that’s what I call a work out. Contact us today.

Bar and Nightclub Mobile Apps

Have you noticed what all your customers are doing in your bar or nightclub, when they’re not drinking? They’re using their smart phones. Today’s fun loving men and women can even text while they dance. That’s the evolution of multi-tasking. If your bar or club doesn’t have an app, then you’re missing out on the best way to reach your target audience.

Young people don’t look at billboards, they’re too busy looking at their phone screens. You can’t reach them with a flyer, but you can certainly reach them with a mobile app that’s as fun and funky as the interior of your establishment.

There’s so many things that you could use your bar or nightclub mobile app for. You can promote special nights and forthcoming events, or provide money saving coupon deals that they can access with a tap of the screen. The app can be used to reward their loyalty, by automatically giving them a free drink ‘coupon’ once they’ve bought a pre-specified amount of drinks.

Your mobile app is tapping into the two things your potential clientèle love the most: free offers, and entertaining apps. It will be tailored to match the style and design of your bar or nightclub. We don’t do standard and boring, we do bespoke and brilliant. When your club or bar has its own mobile app, you’ll have found the most cost effective way of reaching out to young people with disposable incomes. You’ll also build up an exciting brand and encourage customer loyalty. When your customers can find your latest news within seconds by tapping their smart phone, you’ll have a real competitive edge over your rivals.

Contact us today for more information. We can even provide a free mock-up to show you how fantastic your nightclub or bar mobile app could look. We’ll help your business grow, and put you streets ahead of bars and nightclubs who haven’t realised the advantages a mobile app can bring.

Strategic Business Apps

Got an idea for an app?

Looking to develop an app for your business?

Where do you even begin when it comes to designing an app for your business?

It can be a daunting and confusing task when you begin the process. I see and hear many business owners that are about to start, or have begun, and they find it a real challenge to put it down on paper, in a way that can be understood, so they can convey their idea easily to the developer.

Without the ‘plan’ or ‘full picture’ of what you have in your head being easily understood and seen, the process takes longer. So the best idea is to map your idea.

Mindmapping can be done in 2 ways. Either by hand, which is my preference, or by a computer program. There are benefits to both and it will depend on your ease of use. If you dont enjoy the process it wont work for you!

Whichever way you do it, the principals are the same.

Start at the beginning and go through all the different aspects you are including and where they will feature or be placed and how the whole project will flow.

So, to design an app for your business, here are the steps:

The beginning- the name of your app/business or idea
Sketch down on paper all the features, functions and end results you want from the app.
Write/list the benefits you can offer your customers
The topics/names/features/functions/benefits of the app that you have sketched out will be the tabs that will be in the app on the first level. These are the tabs you see when you open the app, both on the front page and the next (you can either have a ‘more’ button here to get to next page or you can have a swipe function)
The tabs that are topics or headings- add all the related headings/subtopics below each of these tabs
The tabs that are features- decide what the tab will click through to. For example will the user tap the tab and then be taken to a sales page? Or will they be taken to a Google Map? Or will they be taken to your Shopping Cart/ordering system?
Look at the plan…is it easy to navigate for the end user? Will they easily be able to tap through the app and find everything they need? When they are tapping through, will it be easy for them to connect with your business and buy from you?
Show your app developer your plan/mind map and discuss any additions or changes in flow.
Have the app developed
Get excited…tell your customers and get ready to grow and market your business in a new way.
When working with clients or prospective clients I have found this is the best way to get into the mind of the other person, and vise versa. Often I am the one who comes up with the ideas and can mind map for the clients how their app could look.

Being clear on the benefits to your business, as well as the benefits to your customers is vital. Mobile marketing can bring your business new leads, become a sales and marketing tool, can bring in easy sales and can create loyalty with your current customers.

Its the tool all businesses will be using and 2014 will see a big move towards mobile marketing. Dint get left behind. Start mindmapping your idea!

If you have an idea for an app outside of what your business does, use the same method. Mark down exactly where the user will be taken on each tap of the app tabs. Have an end result for both you and the user.

Here are a few mind mapping sites to look at:

and there are plenty more if you do a search for mindmapping.
Or…you can hand draw/sketch.

How to select the best app developer for your business

appsCountless people want to develop apps for their business. Mobile app helps businessmen to connect their customers easily and improve their relations with customer. You can easily get your app developed by app developers.

There are many app developers in the market. But when it comes to selecting an app developer, it is necessary that you select the best app developer. Make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality on the quality of the services provided by the app developer.

Here are some tips you should follow to select the best app developer

Check their portfolio of the industries they have served

Select the experienced developer, their experience will help you a lot in getting maximum out of your app. They should have served various industries, experience in various industries is necessary. You can check their portfolio so as to get an idea about their experience.

Contact the clients of the app developer

Try to contact their clients, app developers can share the contact details of their clients. Contact their clients and ask their experience with them. Take their feedback about the app developer company. They have the first-hand experience with the company. They can give you correct feedback.

Don’t get driven by price

Don’t select an app developer just because he is charging less for his services as compared to other app developers. You want a perfect app not a cheapest app. So make sure you don’t select an app developer just on the basis of price quoted by them.

Although you have some budget for getting your app development, but don’t make it as constrain while selecting the developing partner. Because sometimes these app developers who are charging less turns out to be very expensive in log run.

Also consider the other services provided by them, not only the coding of the app

Getting your app developed is not just getting the code for your app. These services come in packages. There are other services like regular maintenance, feedbacks, stats sharing and many more. So, consider all of these services before selecting the app developer.

The design of the app should be your top priority

Just like a website, for the app also the design should be the best priority. How the app looks is really very important. Check the other apps developed by them and get an idea about their work, if you find them creative then only select them.

These were some small tips, always focus on the more important things like services and design rather than lesser important think like price quoted by them and you will get best out of your app. Choosing the app developer is a very important step, choose wisely.